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While we're on the subject of pantyhose let's mention Tights, usually being the name of a pantyhose style with solid opaque colors, prints, or patterns.

These can dramatically alter how women's legs can look.

Introducing the limited edition Freda embroidered one piece.

This exclusive resort piece is designed to make you feel fearlessly fabulous all summer long.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with four to twelve adjustable straps to hold up the stockings.

We have Garter Skirts, Garter Panties, Garter G-Strings, and a complete assortment of garter straps, which can be hooks or sewn to any type of garment to hold up stockings.

Garter Belts help hold up certain styles of stockings.

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If you can't find what you want send us an email, [email protected], or give us a call between 9AM-4PM EST Mon-Fri, 1-800-724-9670. We offer a beautiful variety of fashion stockings, including Thigh Highs, Seamed stockings, Opaque Tights, Nylon Stockings, Sheer to Waist Pantyhose, Ankle and Knee High socks, Hosiery Accessories, and much, much more.

which either has a medium size hole sewn into the crotch or the complete crotch area cut out.

Either way, it makes pantyhose a little easier to operate in the bathroom and in the boudoir.

The Garter Belt and Stockings should be considered a team.

If you are going to wear a garter belt for any length of time we suggest wearing a 6-strap garter belt.

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