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In later stages, Muruwwa and 'Amil reflected on this theory and practice in the specificities of the Lebanese condition.As the Lebanese political climate radicalized at the end of the 1960s, leading ultimately to armed conflict from 1975 onwards, the two men's projects shifted.The supplement will be around 64 pages, as each national team is allocated a spread (32 teams x 2 pages). The reader can use the pieces to compare different sets of data. Not only is the data cited in “big number” form for easy reading, the graph runs off the sides of each piece.

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It was a constantly shifting process driven by personal choices and experiences.

Distribution to the Middle East (without Israel) and Africa via Agence France Presse, The Associated Press, and AETOS Wire.

Arabic and French translations are included based on your English-language release.

They were active members in the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) from the 1950s and 1960s, respectively, until their deaths.

Both men are symbols of a broader leftist "intellectual workshop"3 of ideological discussions, debates, and trajectories that took place in Lebanon and unfolded transregionally.

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