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I obtained a 3 month early out because I enrolled in college (I was 19 at the time). His e-mail address is [email protected] Please let him know about the association and how to join.

I then obtained AA, BA, MA & Ph D degrees (audiology), thanks to the GI Bill for graduate studies. I would like to find John Love and Jimmy Ray davis if any one knows where they are please forward my information to them. He is interested in knowing if any of the shipmates are around and would love pictures of the ship.

That was one of my earliest eye opening experiences on how hungry the world was. Thanks hello, I served on the ponch 77-79name is pat stevens and I was in r dan wakefield I remember were always chewing/spitting tobacco. I have an extra 1975 WESTPAC Cruise Yearbook if anyone is interested.

Was yeoman striker for several months after being on the deck crew.

For this reason, fire officers would be well served to take a page from the United States Navy and adopt the principle of “Ship, Shipmate, Self.” This principle asserts that we must first ensure the success of the mission, then the safety of our buddies, and finally attend to our own needs.

Ship Many in today’s fire service seem to have abandoned the idea that the mission comes first.

Inside, you'll find boatloads of content for your cruise ship and ports.

You'll get to know your vessel top to bottom using our detailed deck maps and user submitted images.

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