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Children under 6 years accompanied by an adult person with a valid ticket travel for free.

Personal commutation tickets for apprentices and students consist of a VMS store card with valid token coin or a value coupon, photo and the date of the end of validity.

A total of 23 transport companies are engaged within the VMS.

Chemnitz and Zwickau have their own companies for the public transportation within the inner cities: publishes the data of departure of all the bus and rail routes in the four districts with a print version that stays valid for the following 12 months.

The whole network is divided into marked out and numbered fare zones orientated by the borders of the administrative districts.

Freiberg, Chemnitz and Zwickau as the three biggest towns of the have their own fare zones 10 for Freiberg, 13 for Chemnitz and 16 for Zwickau.

The departures you can find in these books, but also current temporary delays and options for changes are further available in the electronic schedule information at de.

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The store cards and subscriptions have to be proposed directly at a transportation company of the (in- or outbound), you use the tariff regulations of the Deutsche Bahn AG or the Vogtlandbahn Gmb H that both require a day ticket for your bike.

As a proof of entitlement to use the public means of transport exempt from charges, you need to get the pass for severely disabled persons together with the supplementary sheet and a valid token coin or value coupon.

Um den Start ins neue Partyjahr zu pushen, wird richtig geklotzt.

Für alle zahlenden Gäste halten für jeden 10ten ein FREUNDETICKET, jeden 50.

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