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In 1949, after World War II, the club was re-formed as Union Ohligs and began play in the 2nd Oberliga West (Gruppe 2).

By the early 70s they were playing in the Amateurliga Niederrhein (III).

The adaption of nonfusion technologies by the surgical community and payers for the treatment of degenerative spinal conditions will depend on the long-term clinical outcome of controlled randomized clinical studies.

It was awarded the "Musées de France" quality label in 2002.

Just spent an hour on here looking at this great site!! And thank you for the Honor, Loyalty,and Respect you show one another there is nothing like it anywhere!! My blood family will just never understand the concept of true brotherhood and Im here walking alone not knowing where home is. Very Respectfully Michael Dodson A humble Happy New Year to you all. Till then thank you for what you do and hopefully I will bring your ethos into the next war. Before I was even old enough to walk I wanted to be a member of this club. My dad was Orange County and I promised him I would always support the club!

Bob I left home looking to be a part of something bigger when I felt casted out by my family and found the brotherhood that bear the blue cord and a war.became home.where I I'm back where I was raised only to be casted out by my blood and miss my home.

I'm 36 years old now and still no luck but if I had one wish in this world it would be (besides be with my family on x mas) to be a member. RIP Greekyou guys are the best out there i love your group always did i was born in nyc been in your club house before great job guys if i ever get my ass a bike best beleave i try to join your club no other have a very blessed all of you holiday new year and your familly love you all and forever angels Trying to get info on the prison run for 2018.

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