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In traditional web applications, the client (browser) initiates the communication with the server by requesting a page.

We will add controllers to make call to the Angular service which we created in the Step 8.

Step 7: Now its’ time for us to add the necessary client-side logic for performing operations using WEB API.

In the project, add a new folder of the name ‘My Scripts’.

But it will open doors in terms of sharing objects across pages, slick transitions from one activity to the next, and a richer, more excellent sort of user experience in general. NET devs get some single-page love in Visual Studio 2012.2, with a . NET-MVC-applications-who-are-looking-to-take-them-single-page-but-don't-really-know-where-the-front-door-would-be-on-such-a-thing. I have here a way for you to convert your existing app over to a SPA. For those of us who are accustomed to working with ASP. In a SPA, our Layout becomes a shell page into which we load the view's markup via AJAX calls.

NET Master/Layout Pages, the shift to single-page-appitude will require just a skosh of standing on your head. The Layout page's lifespan is now the user's session, rather than just the lifespan of the page, so be careful what you scope at this level; the safety net of a page refresh that cleans up after us is gone, and browser memory leaks are distinctly counter-excellent in nature.

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