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The Leaving of Liverpool has been recorded by many popular folk singers and singles ruhrpott e partnersuche the s.Kelly in turn taught it to the folk group The Dubliners and the singer Liam Clancy of The Spiel kennenlernen seminar Brotherswho were singles ruhrpott living and working in America.

He also told Doerflinger that on his voyages it was sung as an off-watch song or "forebitter," rather than a singles ruhrpott shanty.

Retrieved 1 March Anita Carter recorded her version of the Dylan arrangement for her album Anita of the Carter Family.

Tayluer did say that he believed the song originated during the Gold Rushinand that it concerned a person leaving Liverpool to strike it rich in California and then return.

This time, he borrowed equipment and blank discs from the Library of Congress with the understanding that he would deposit the recordings there.

It was collected from both singers by William Main Doerflingeran American folksong collector particularly associated with sea songs, in New York.

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