Sister dating ex pinay secretary on chatroom

A day later the bikie seemingly introduced Ms Mehajer to his Nomads colleagues as they stood arm-in-arm in front of a row of motorcycles.'My Queen learning the ropes.

She steals half my clothes,' Tajjour captioned the shot.

The younger sister of Salim Mehajer is dating a senior member of the Nomads bikie gang who is a decade older than her and was previously convicted of manslaughter.

Sanaa Mehajer is understood to have been in a relationship with Mouhamed 'Moudi' Tajjour, the ex-vice president of the notorious motorcycle club, since late November.

His ex wife absolutely crippled him I need help deciphering a guys text. A big shout out to Carus, Sputnik, Sweetgirl and everyone else that I have become friends with here on ENA.

Little more than a year after being released their Merrylands home was targetted in a drive by shooting.

Weeks later, so was the home of their cousin John Ibrahim.

Still, with any luck, we’ll get the scoop as her new show unfolds before our eyes!

What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s possible new romance with Travis Scott?

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