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Carla could be in her own room, her parent's room, or even the Mayor's house or the so-called Sherriff's house for all she knew.Her head cocked slightly to the left when she heard the door open and close behind her.To find a particular slave, you need the name of the owner.Even in the few colonies where slaves had surnames, there may be several people of that name.I'm putting all of the tag/trigger warnings here in the beginning so that you can see some of the elements that are contained in this story so that if this is not your cup of tea, you can move on instead of leaving me flaming comments at the end."Apocalypse Slaves" is intended to be a digest style story with no real end planned out (so please don't ask for next chapters as I'm writing this in blocks of chapters and I do have other commitments).As she heard the shuffling of the man behind her, knowing it was a man since the Bandits never took women as one of their numbers, she wondered which one it would be this time.She felt his weight on the mattress when he knelt down behind her.

Use the database on the Legacies of British slave-ownership website to search for a slave-owner or an individual related professionally or personally to a slave-owner.

, for records of the Office of Registry of Colonial Slaves and Slave Compensation Commission.

Most registers have indexes to slave owners and estates and give the name of the parish or district where they lived.

Read Researching African-Caribbean family history in the family history section of the BBC website.

Read the articles on slaves and slavery on Your Archives.

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