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This mimics the BCC recipient from the account’s Sending Options page.

the name of the dedicated IP pool that should be used to send the message If you do not have any dedicated IPs, this parameter has no effect.

With this header, you can be sure a fallback plain-text version of your message will always be included. Use this option to auto-generate the HTML part of your email based on the text you provide.

An email consists of three vital components: the envelope, the header(s), and the body of the message.

The envelope is something that an email user will never see since it is part of the internal process by which an email is routed.

The body is the part that we always see as it is the actual content of the message contained in the email.

If you specify a pool that doesn’t exist, your default pool will be used instead.

Use tags to classify certain types or groups of emails you send.

But by default, Mandrill doesn't have much context about that message—was it a welcome email, shipping status email, etc.

This header can include a single email address only.

The address won’t show up in the Outbound Activity, and won’t be tracked individually.

Add tags to your emails to provide that missing context.

When you tag messages, it's easier to report on your transactional activity, so you can ask questions like, 'how many welcome emails are bouncing' or notice trends like 'order status emails aren't delivering to Hotmail addresses' so you can diagnose issues on your own.

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