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The more modern name was Bourne until 1893, when the 'e' was added by the Post Office to avoid confusion with Bourn in Cambridgeshire.The town is well known as the place where ERA and BRM racing cars were made, and also the birthplace of several famous people including William Cecil, Lord Treasurer to Elizabeth I, and in 1825, Charles Fredrick Worth, who revolutionised French fashion.Shippon Barn is another intriguing building in the Wellhead Gardens and it is thought that this was constructed from the remains of an old castle that was once thought to have occupied the Wellhead Field (at the back of the Wellhead Gardens).The Bourne castle, as it was known, was probably built by Hereward The Wake and the only evidence of of the castle that now remains is some grass-covered ditches.

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There is also a University Centre at near-by Peterborough offering over 30 different degree level programmes, including archaeology, business, computing, construction, education, engineering, media, and sociology.Richard Frost, 39, was due to be sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court this afternoon, Wednesday December 20, for causing the deaths of 19-year-old Thomas Fletcher and Thomas Northam, 22, by dangerous driving.He has also admitted two counts of common assault and one of money laundering.The Romans almost certainly established a camp here as it was at the northern end of King Street, which began close to the Roman town of Durobrivae, near modern day Peterborough.The earliest record of the town is in the Domesday Book, in which it is recorded as Brune, derived from the Anglo-Saxon word brunna (stream) hence the reason why Bourne folk are often referred to as Brunnians.

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