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Naomi Michelle Coleman was held for three days after touching down in Colombo for a holiday in 2014, and has since sued Sri Lankan authorities, claiming she was sexually harassed and extorted in prison.

A British woman arrested in Sri Lanka for sporting a Buddha tattoo was subjected to 'horrifying and scandalous treatment' by local authorities, a top court has ruled.

Coleman was arrested at Colombo airport in 20154, where police in the Buddhist-majority country took offence to the tattoo on her arm.

At the time, the mental health nurse said she feared being raped during her incarceration at Negombo prison, after a male guard made lewd gestures at her.

A female guard also demanded Coleman pay a bribe or face a 'thorough' body search, she said.

Coleman -- who insisted throughout that the tattoo was a mark of respect for her faith -- was later transferred to a detention centre before being deported.

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