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“’Excellent weary rising action,’” she repeats thoughtfully, still chuckling.

“You know what, on my résumé, under skills, that’s going down there.

“She’s so very good at getting wearily out of bed,” he noted, citing similar scenes in “High Art” and “Elegy,” to name two.

Clarkson shrieks with laughter as I relay this tidbit; Tim, meanwhile, turns a gratifying tomato-soup red.

It’s a contrast she got to play with in Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works” (whose imminent British DVD release she’s also in town promoting), her second collaboration with a filmmaker she admirers for his no-nonsense approach. Clarkson spends a lot of thought on her characters from the costume inward, particularly with regard to “Cairo Time” – as she describes it, the shifts and urges of Juliette’s inner life are marked by costume designer Brenda Broer in the succession of increasingly showy, adventurously-hued outfits she wears across the film’s slender timeframe. Off.” If said dress could be said to give Clarkson her own modest version of the classic leading-lady makeover moment, it’s appropriate – given that this is that unusual film that also finds the actress billed first on screen. “Oh, my beautiful ‘Shutter Island’ frock,” she mutters, voice thick with irony. ” Her accusatory tone is undercut by a fit of giggles, as conversation drifts to her second, slightly better tailored supporting turn of 2010, playing Emma Stone’s sweetly open-minded mom in the acid-tinged teen comedy “Easy A.” The film, sharply written and performed across the board, benefits immensely from the chemistry between Clarkson and screen husband Stanley Tucci – a longtime friend of the actress, dating back to their joint breakthrough roles in 1995’s landmark TV procedural “Murder One.” We single out one particular scene from the film, in which Stone’s delightfully dorky parents are selecting the viewing programme for family movie night.

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A closer relationship with her i Pad might yet beckon in the lengthy vacation she has planned for herself following her return to the Big Apple: “I have to take a break,” she sighs, while relishing her current ability to determine her own working schedule. She maybe wasn’t a brilliant actress, but I think that was almost her power. That’s what I love about her.” Her face clouds over slightly.One rather hopes this most restless of actors won’t have to wait that long to receive her due. I like not knowing where I’m going next and the surprise of it all.“That flattering.”) The second of these upcoming films, a UK-produced adaptation of the David Nicholls bestseller “One Day,” teams her with the aforementioned Sturgess and Anne Hathaway. Beyond.” The film is directed by Danish-born “An Education” helmer Lone Scherfig, extending a run of collaborations with female filmmakers that the actress is keen to emphasize.“I’m playing British for the first time, which is quite interesting,” she says. “I’ve acquired quite the collection of fabulous female directors, all vastly different women and filmmakers – Lone, Ruba, Lisa Cholodenko, Isabel Croixet, Rose Troche. ” Cholodenko’s 2010 crossover success with “The Kids Are All Right” is a source of great satisfaction to Clarkson, who herself came to big-screen critical prominence in the director’s 1998 debut “High Art.” “I love her,” she says.

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