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Harris did, however, note that the difference between the values placed on leadership were not much higher for boys than girls.“In seventh grade, 24 percent of parents of males chose a leader as the most important quality in school compared to 21.5 percent of parents of girls,” Harris said.What did the parents of eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th and 12th-graders say about the importance of leadership for their children?The study’s director, Kathleen Mullan Harris, told the that the question was asked only once during the study (to every age group), so there is no evidence about whether the values changed over time.In a much more recent study, called “Change It Up,” girls were more likely than boys to say they wanted to be a leader.Claim 2: “While 92 percent of girls believe anyone can acquire the skills of leadership, only 21 percent believe they currently have most of the key qualities required to be a good leader.” This claim appears in the text of the “Change It Up” study, but the actual data behind the claim does not.

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And, as you might expect, the claims don’t support the campaign’s mission.The girls questioned in the survey were between the ages of 8 and 17.How many students at that age have the leadership skills to lead a company? Just below the 21 percent claim, the Girl Scout study says “girls appear to be more positive in their self-assessment [of leadership qualities] than boys.” So perhaps its boys who need a campaign to help them succeed.The study’s author, Barbara Schneider, told the that the question was only asked during the first year of the study, so there’s no way to tell if girls were more or less likely to want to lead as they aged.And the study didn’t question younger children, so it’s unclear whether girls were more likely to say they liked taking the lead prior to middle school.

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