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Join us in this casual atmosphere to begin to build community for families in SURJ HTX. THIS MEETING IS OPEN TO ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED INHELPING EDUCATE, ORGANIZE, AND MOVE WHITE PEOPLETO ACT AS PART OF A MULTI-RACIAL MAJORITY FORJUSTICE WITH PASSION AND ACCOUNTABILITY.**SURJ HTX, a chapter of the national Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) network, is a group of individuals focused on organizing, educating, and mobilizing white people for racial justice in the Houston area.Join us for the launch of our new monthly discussion group, covering a new topic every month!This month, we’ll be discussing all facets of banned books: how book banning happens, why it’s a problem, and what it’s looked like historically and in the present.

This event will be a moment in Houston history where we stand still for a brief moment to recognize those who have not only been selfless with the sharing of themselves and services but also instrumental in the development and curation of Houston culture by way of their leadership, resiliency, and service.

This is also an opportunity for you to share resources as families with each other and build community.

We will have some presentations and interactive stations for most ages and a resource table for adults to explore as well. Accessibility information: The building is accessible for those with limited physical mobility. Please refrain from wearing heavily scented perfumes or deodorants for those who may have chemical sensitivities.

Other leading app categories based on terms of availability are business apps, education apps, lifestyle apps and entertainment apps. In the ephemeral world of apps, downloads do not equal retention.

It is estimated that 25 percent apps downloaded by mobile app users worldwide were only used once during the first six months of ownership.

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