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If these are non-existent problems it puts a massive hole in the anti-argument; it doesn’t change the fact steroids should not be used by teenagers, but it does raise questions regarding the controlled nature of the hormones. To discuss this topic with any validity, we must first have a general understanding of anabolic steroids.

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids generally referred to as “Anabolic Steroids” or “AAS” are synthetic derivatives of the primary male androgen Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone to a lesser degree.

By market activity, it is estimated to be at least twice that amount, maybe even three times that number.

Of these adults supplementing with anabolic steroids, we know 85-90% of them are doing so for the strict purpose of physique enhancement; we’re talking about the gym rats.

To understand AAS, we can learn a lot from the term itself, as each word is very telling.

Steroids are four-cyclic rings of 17 carbon atoms; there are literally hundreds and hundreds of steroids found in the human body and nature, even in plants; many are not of an anabolic nature, but the ones we’re concerned with are of an anabolic and fat based nature.

When steroids and teenagers collide, this has a strong, negative impact on their natural androgen production which has yet to fully develop to its full capacity.

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Then we’re left with androgenic, which simply refers to the promotion of the male sexual characteristics.When it comes to the argument against the relationship of steroids and teenagers, this argument is dead on the money; the two should never for any reason exist with one another.There are several reasons steroids and teenagers do not mix three specifically, and while two are facts the one used by the anti-steroid crowd has yet to be proven as fact, but there’s a decent possibility it may hold some truth.For an adolescent, once use is discontinued his testosterone levels will be low, very low, and low testosterone can cause depression in any man regardless of age; however, let’s remember what was discussed above.When an adult man discontinues use, he is doing so with an already well-developed androgen system, and as such his natural testosterone production will begin again.

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