Stutter dating

John has his monthly business club meeting, she said and wouldn't be home until nearly midnight. As I struggle to lift it, the triangles of my bikini top slide to the side revealing more of my tits to my awestruck nephew. " I ask, trying to change the subject for him and for me. " According to the speech therapist, if I can get him talking about something he's comfortable with, that has nothing to do with the stimulus, he should stop stuttering. Hesitantly at first, and with a considerable amount of stuttering, he starts to explain derivatives to me. "As long as you're focused on calculus and not on my tits you don't stutter," I tell him. All weekend I vacillated about what I had been contemplating when I told him we were taking it to the next level.

Could I possibly pick up Jeremy from school and baby-sit until John gets home? I'd been babysitting my nephew since I was 13 (he was three at the time). So get out your calculus book and start explaining to me what you're currently studying." He's just staring at my tits, which are now swelling over the top of my tiny bikini as I take a deep breath. " he stammers as beads of sweat form on his forehead. When he reaches down to help me, his arm brushes against my barely covered nipple awakening it with his touch. I'm surprised at how arousing it is to have him looking at me like this. "J-J-Just my b-b-books," he says but he's not looking at my face. I have no fucking clue what he's talking about but I nod and ask a few questions until he's focused on calculus problems and not on my body. "We're making progress." "D-d-d-do you th-th-think, if I t-t-talk to M-M-Megan ab-b-bout c-c-calculus..." I cut him off. I thought about consulting Jenny but decided against it.

" I ask teasingly, knowing full well the affect my body has on men. "I'm also a registered nurse with a degree in psychology. I wasn't expecting it to be that large or so enticing. As I walk up the stairs to my apartment, I see Jeremy almost running into his house.

When I said his bulge was exactly what I was expecting, I lied.

I was so caught up in pleasuring myself that I never heard him drive up or the back door open. "I mean, can you then go back and talk to the girl? Pulling my mouth back a little, I wrap my hand around his saliva-coated cock and pump it in and out of my mouth. "Let's see how quickly I can get you ready again, John," I say, wrapping my hand around his cum-coated cock.

Before I knew it, he was standing in the entranceway to the living room, staring at me. I watched him swallow hard while his deep brown eyes were staring right at my drenched pussy. True to his word, his urgent build-up comes fast, flooding my mouth with huge spurts of cum that I try my best to swallow. "I'm more than ready for you." "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffuuuuuuuuccccccck! And what's with his father creeping back into my fantasies? Jeremy keeps coming over after school but we make very little progress the first week.

The family admitted that they were struggling to finance the funeral when THE STAR visited their home in Yallahs, St Thomas yesterday.

Now that I'm touching myself, I realize how turned on I was by my nephew's large bulge. I still have about twenty minutes before he gets here. Sliding two fingers inside my wet pussy, I wonder if he's as large as his daddy. " "P-p-page one t-t-twenty t-t-t-two," he answers, still staring, wide-eyed at my bikini clad body.

Lying back and spreading my legs, I imagine Jeremy, up in his room, stroking his hard-on as he thinks about my tits. God it's been so long since I've thought about that night. I open the book to the right page and read something about Quotient Rules and Higher-Order Derivatives. " I say, more confident than I feel as the tingling dampness in my pussy starts to distract me.

I've had a crush on my sister's husband since they first got married, even though I was only ten at the time. "There's a girl in my calculus class but every time I try to talk to her..." His voice trails off. My shift just ended and Jenny came by after dropping Jeremy off at school. "Not that we wouldn't have been supportive but it's a cruel world out there when you're different," she smiles. "There's an approach that utilizes total immersion to overcome these kinds of disorders," I tell her, trying to sound as clinical as possible. "If we can help desensitize him to the stimulus that causes the erection, then the stuttering should stop," I explain. "No need to thank me," I tell her, meaning it differently than she thinks. "Sure, we learned about him last summer during that course I took at the university." Sometimes I forget I'm dealing with a genius level IQ. I don't see..." I cut him off before he can continue. "There has been some success with a process called Total Immersion Therapy," I suddenly realize what the acronym is but I decide not to share this with Jeremy. I'm proud of the progress he's made but conflicted about the lack of interest he's showing in my body. The huge tent in the front of his jeans distracts me as I imagine it filling up my fiery pussy. Exposing myself to my nephew has gotten me so fucking hot that I can't wait to touch myself. My sister's husband laps up my freely flowing juices and then stands up, kicking off his shoes as he unzips his pants. Reaching for it, I wrap my fingers around its girth and pull it towards my wide-open mouth. I'm bouncing on my brother-in-laws massive cock and he's twisting and pulling my hard nipples. His hands are on my hips forcing me up and down as he uses my body to milk every bit of cum from his cock.

I flirt with him shamelessly but he's as devoted as any husband can be. "In fact, once we solve this stuttering thing, you're going to make some girl very happy, getting it up five or six times a day! "Is there someone at school that you're attracted to? "I get the picture," I answer, glancing at his crotch as I feel the moisture building in my pussy. "You said that was the good news, does that mean there's bad news? "You need to get to work and I need to go home and get some sleep." We hug briefly in the parking lot before heading to our individual cars. "I've got your program all mapped out, I just need to discuss it with you," I tell him. Stretching out on the bed, I set the vibrator next to me as I move my hands to my tits. " he knows exactly where to lick, flicking his tongue against my clit and then pushing it back into my sopping hole. My eyes are focused on the large bulge in the front of his jockey shorts as I await my prize. "I won't last a minute if you do that Sara," he says, pulling back. "I can stay all night, John," I whisper, grabbing his cock again. Finally, he releases me and I collapse on his chest, gasping for air.

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