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Achieving independence is an essential part of your child’s journey to adulthood.To make this journey successfully, children need freedom to try new things. Here are some ideas to help you and your child find the right balance.Rules will also help you be consistent in how you treat your child.Once the rules are in place, apply them consistently.Show your child lots of love and support Your love and support are essential for your child’s self-esteem.Young people who feel good about themselves often have more confidence to discover who they are and what they want to do with their lives.It’s OK to admit you’re having difficulties – seek help if you need it.

Teenagers, especially younger teenagers, might be less capable of understanding the consequences of their behaviour.

It might help to remember that your child could be confused and upset by the physical, social and emotional changes of adolescence – but you’re still your child’s main source of emotional guidance and stability during this time.

Taking your child’s opinions seriously gives an important boost to her self-esteem.

How your child develops independence, and how you guide this process, will be influenced by your family’s cultural background and beliefs. You and your child are both learning how to balance growing independence with parental guidance.

Being aware that your child might be working hard to balance expectations of family members with expectations of friends is a good place to start the balancing act. Go easy on yourselves if things aren’t perfect all the time.

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