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KHQ is owned by Cowles Co., which also owns The Spokesman-Review.

It was no surprise, noted both Rowe and Mc Rae, that the heart of the Woodward campaign came during the May book, considered the most important of the four rating periods of the year.

“It’s no longer about pulling in viewers at one time or two times a day,” Mc Rae said.

“It’s about all the time.” KXLY’s Herling agreed that the true test of the Woodward campaign will be a gain in ratings as more viewers move to his station.

She later offered to take a pay cut provided her flexible work schedule continued, but the company refused, she said.

KREM management said Woodward chose not to sign a new contract after it expired last fall.

— KXLY has come to take a solid second place, ahead of KREM, according to Nielsen numbers.

Because audiences want news quickly, on demand, KXLY has the added advantage of using its AM radio station to complement and cross-promote its newscasts, Mc Rae said.

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Woodward admits the shift to morning news has been demanding, beyond starting her day much earlier. You have to develop a routine and understand what’s happening so you don’t step over each other.” At times the campaign’s frequent messages and oversized billboard photos left her wondering if the station was overhyping her, Woodward said.

Herling said the best time to measure those gains will be the November book.

TV viewers, by and large, don’t quickly recalibrate and adjust perceptions as fast as station directors would like, said Teddie Gibbon, KXLY’s vice president and station manager.

That’s one reason the rebranding of Woodward will continue and evolve, Gibbon said.

Mc Rae agrees on the difficulty of changing viewer perceptions.

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