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Comedian Tom Sainsbury, who shared a stage with the New Zealand prime minister at the awards show, said he was told the confusion came at the APEC summit in Vietnam.'When [Ms Ardern] met US President Trump at APEC, he mistook her for the wife of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau,' Mr Sainsbury claimed on Radio LIVE.

After hearing rumours about the supposed confusion, TVNZ's morning show host Jack Tame took her to task in a six-minute grilling.

She is survived by her loving husband Martin, beautiful six-year old son Tanner and thankfully, her three new baby boys.

'Everyone that knows Chervonne can attest to her witty humor, her true friendship and her fierce love and devotion to her family.' Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Ms Lesuma said the fundraiser was a 'small way' to help, and that many had reached out to the family offering their support.'It has been far more than just financial assistance, there have been many uplifting well wishes and prayers that have help lift his and the family's spirits.'A poignant photo posted to the fundraising page showed the special moment 'proud father' Martin Magaoa held one of his triplets.

Facebook is changing the way its users will experience posts by highlighting those shared by people rather than publishers and advertisers with the intend to get users to engage again, making time spent on social media more "meaningful." Annville resident Fred Nell runs a drug sniffing dog enterprise from his home.

The use of a private company to find drugs helps shelters, and workplaces provide for addicts without creating a pipeline to prison.

Tame later defended himself by tweeting that 'it was his job to ask questions' and declined to comment further when contacted.

A man, a girl and a dog were plucked from the roof of their home on Tuesday.

A separate helicopter evacuated eight people and five dogs from Montecito. 11) A livecam of the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School in New York showed how its red pandas fared the blizzard dubbed "bomb cyclone" on Thursday (January 4) hitting the U.

'Ms Ardern clarified, saying that 'second-hand, someone said that they thought that it had happened...

But in all my interactions, certainly Donald Trump didn't seem to have confused me in all out interactions.

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