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Trust us, this exercise if done with sincerity will give you immense confidence as well as boost your performance.

There is no ideal time for revision and there cannot be any specific date put for it, as commonly done.

Our Team is working hard to make you realize your dream. Your faith and participation has to be in sync with the amount of hard work and effort we do.

Let us pledge to make it a big game changer (better than last year) in the next 60 days!

That voice in the foreign office must also be able to convince the world that Pakistan’s effort to become a stable and economically sound country in the region must not be hindered.

A most dynamic Foreign office team must thus be amongst Mian Nawaz Sharif’s top priorities.

Mian Nawaz Sharif is going to be the ‘man on the spot’ of the foreseeable future.

A very powerful personality with a rational voice in the Foreign Office of Pakistan shall be required to achieve this image of Pakistan.Having been a Prime Minister twice the people of Pakistan expect him to do well.Mian Nawaz Sharif has set up a date with his destiny as well as that of Pakistan.Improving and maintaining law and order in Pakistan with special emphasis on the crucial areas of distress in this sector of governance will be, if not more, just as important as the provision of energy.Success in these two sectors will bring about a turnaround in the economic sector as well as the general health of Pakistan as a nation that can then lead its daily life in a constructive and civil manner. Peace in Karachi is the key to Pakistan’s revival in most sectors of national life including its economy.

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