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Single motherhood, lower SEP and young maternal age are indicators of a potentially adverse childhood environment; these adverse early life experiences may lead to increased susceptibility to alcohol and drug misuse, mental disorders and suicide.It is theorized that compared with children of higher birth order, the firstborn have their parents’ undivided attention at least in the 1st year of life and this may help them develop greater resilience to stressful events in adulthood.Passengers eligible for multiple discounts can only choose one discount offer.More information Such tickets permit the ticket holders to travel eight rides within a specific preferential period (45 days from the day of first ride) and within specified intervals between Stations.In addition, the Confucianism cultural attitude of preferring sons to daughters and hierarchical family relations may result in differential family resources and roles prescribed to children according to their gender and birth order.Hence, the set of perinatal risk factors for suicide found in Western countries may not be directly applicable in the Asian context.To the best of our knowledge, no studies from non-Western countries have investigated this issue.

If such children do not take seats and are escorted by passengers who have purchased full fare tickets or are adults.

Besides, an individual could serve as a control for multiple cases.

The density sampling finally resulted in a total of 119 520 controls. Deaths certified as undetermined intent, accidental poisoning by pesticide or accidental suffocation were also included because previous research indicates that many deaths included in these categories are likely to be missed suicides. We carried out sensitivity analyses based on data for certified suicides only to investigate the impact of including these possible missed suicides, and results were generally unchanged.

Independent variables included marital status (single married), parental SEP, maternal age, birth order and family size.

If the registered maternal marital status at birth was recorded as single, divorced or widowed, this was used as a proxy for ‘single motherhood’.

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