Teacher dating personals

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Do you think it is ok to date your child's teacher?

I do not want to be a killjoy but I would let this one go.

Think about the position you would put your child in here and perhaps look elsewhere.

If he says it would, then most of us would take that as a huge clue in deciding which direction to go.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Outside of my day job I've also tutored adults and taught ESL/Spanish and never dated my students even when the ones who asked me out were attractive to me. When I go to the doctor even if I like him I know he's working and I'd never ask him out or accept a date as long as I was his patient. :-)As a teacher, I would say that dating a parent would be very difficult. Sadly, the only adults I meet are either co workers (off limits for me) and parents. There are so many ramifications to dating a parent- and I do think it would be terribly unfair to the ...And I'd wonder about someone who'd cross that line. that's trashy as heckwhat is wrong with people these days? keep your hormones to yourself and don't give your child a bad name for having a slutty mom.seriously It would a problem Abelian because more often relationships ends in a train wreck for someone, someone gets hurt or a career is compromised, I know this does not happen all the time, and I do not doubt that there are some happy endings and from my experience I have only ever seen heartache and head aches coming from this.you will damage your relationship with your child forever and the child will doubt their academic success or failure and think you were the cause of it....you will damage their respect for all teachers forever....

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