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But on topics he was engaged by, such as Bill Hicks - he was proud to have been asked to write the foreword to a book about the late American comedian - his eyes would light up and the enthusiasm which occasionally crept into his act would shine through.

He also had some success as an actor, becoming one of the first comedians to land a role on 'Coronation Street'.

Shane is the youngest son of Ryanair founder Tony Ryan.

O'Leary may head up the no-frills airline but there were plenty of frills at his wedding reception which cost him the guts of ?

"I've never been so nervous in my whole life." But his nerves calmed when beautiful blonde Anita dressed in a Vera Wang traditional dress - also Posh Spice and Caroline Corr's designer of choice - pulled up at the church in a wine-coloured Rolls Royce.

He was right, she was late, 35 minutes late for the scheduled 3pm church date.

Anita's maid of honour was her best friend Lorraine Kinsella, wife of Shane Ryan.

As he said at the time: "I don't want Buzzcocks to be my legacy." Hughes may have faded slightly from public view in recent years, but he was always busy, publishing several well-received novels, collections of poetry and appearing on stage, while his 2012 Edinburgh show, 'Life Becomes Noises', was a searingly personal piece which dealt with the death of his alcoholic father.At a time when the Edinburgh Festival was the biggest showcase in the comedy firmament, the Perrier Award was the most coveted recognition for any performer and when the 24-year-old Hughes blew the judges away during his first appearance at the festival, his career went into overdrive.That simply wasn't the case, and while Hughes was never part of Mr Trellis, or the comedy crowd at the legendary International Bar, the sight of a young Irish bloke taking on all comers and winning the most prestigious comedy award of the time was enough to inspire countless young Irish performers.The 42-year-old "people's millionaire" admitted he was nervous yesterday before he walked up the aisle with investment banker Anita Farrell, 30, in the biggest society wedding of the year."I'm terrified," he said as he stood outside the church with brother and best man Eddie for support.

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