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341 (558) could arguably be interpreted as a forerunner of Escher’s Other World print, likely he would have seen this viewpoint on his Alhambra visits, of which in later years may have rekindled in his print. This was first seen in Louth library in September 1987, and briefly ‘studied’ there, taking tracings of the pages of most interest. 241-263, and with most simple constructions given, such as bisecting an angle! Other chapter on related interests, Chapter 1 Polygons and Polyhedra, p. One aspect of interest that I can follow is that each chapter ends with ‘historical notes’.

Padded out a little with commonly seen photographs and prints of Escher, though that said, there are the occasional photograph not having been seen. Although not strictly a mathematical book, this is included here as it was a book I studied right at the beginning in of my interest in tessellations, in 1987. A single chapter is devoted to the geometry, but this is most brief indeed, of pp. As a broad statement, the book is too far advanced for me. 58-73 is on tessellations and honeycombs, albeit there is nothing here that I can use in any meaningful way.

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This is a personal collection of references with notes and annotations for my own researches especially as regards tessellations and Escher-like aspects, to which it is inclined, and that may come in useful for other researchers. In short, it is too ambitious in scope; there is nothing is in depth or substance. Only minor tiling matters, of no consequence 47, 53, 66-67, 70-71, 196-197. As such, I have no plans to ‘study’ this once more. One of many that I have; simply, one would have sufficed. Project Club Booklet (25 January 1997) Calvert, Albert F. Being a Brief Record of the Arabian Conquest of the Peninsula with a Particular Account of the Mohammedan Architecture and Decoration in Cordoba, Seville, &Toledo. 1904 Of note is the length of this book, 586 pages! As such, this is very much like any other book on the Alhambra of the day; you seen one, and you’ve seen then all. Juvenile, with instances of their work from the book. In relative terms, of more interest is Book 3, Shape and Size, confusingly of the same title. Chapter 5 Tile patterns - Tessellations 27-28; 32-41, Chapter 7 More about polygons and tessellations 32-42. Of limited use in terms of innovation/usefulness, which is to be expected give its intended audience. This seems related in someway to the Shape and Size books above, although there are indeed differences. Whatever, of limited use in terms of innovation/usefulness, which is to be expected give its intended audience.

Note that the text can be considered a perpetual work in progress, due to its very nature. Also has minor reference to Escher, pp.130-131, with his print Sphere Spirals, referring to loxodromes. (First Published in Great Britain as four separate titles by Carousel Books) 1989. Escher’s periodic drawings on cover, swans, and pages 36, Beetles and Flatfish 45, swans, and 83 fish. Discuses algebraic operations, which goes over my head, or at least as I so desire to study. Much use is made of Escher's work, both tessellations and prints, E 25, 35, 44, 63, 67, 75, 96, 97, 104, 105, 117, and Reptiles, Metamorphosis I. The majority of the book is of ornament and patterns per se, rather than of tessellations. - Date has faded; I have had this for many years; it’s certainly not in the last couple or so, say. One instance of Escher-like tessellation, page 6, a human figure drawn without understanding of the issues, and which is particularly poor.

This was begun in 2006, and continues to the present day. (Teach Yourself Books) The English Universities Press Ltd. On geometry aspects, of nine chapters: Polygons, Tessellated Polygons, Polyhedra Patterns, Golden Section, Fibonacci numbers and related Drawings, Conics and Curves, Spirals, Triangle relationships, Primitive Triangles, Miscellaneous. One Hundred Designs and their Foundations Resulting From One Diagram. The book is ostensibly about tracery designs, something of which is strictly outside of tiling matters. Soap Bubbles Their colours and forces which mold them. (19** reprint of 1959 edition) (18 October 1995) Bradley, Amos Day. Use is made of students’ work, the quality of which varies. Textbook, for beginners, with the equivalent of 2 2, to calculus! 94-95, with one diagram is of interest, in that this stumped me in my early days (in a different book), of a octagon and two squares, as a unit to be tiled. From an Escher reference in Schattsneider’s Visions…. A whole chapter refers to counterchanges, Chapter 13, page 282-298. As such, this is not a maths book, but as it includes ‘occasional Escher’ I include for the sake of ‘everything Escher’.

Minor aspects of tessellation, within ‘perception’, pp,40, 43 and Islamic design, pp. Various essays on scientific discovery by eminent scientists, including Roger Penrose. 1858 New York, Dick & Fitzgerald (Downloaded from Internet 10 June 2014). Best describes a series of ‘parlour games’, such as acting and magic tricks, popular of the day. (Note the year commonly given, 1964 (Locher, Schattsneider), is incorrect, it is 1966, as given by all authors where this is quoted; all copying from one another, likely from ? Tarquin Publications 1991 (30 April 1994) Arnold, Arnold. The Magician’s Own Book or The Whole Art of Conjuring. New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, 18 Anne Street, London (Downloaded from Internet 18 June 2014) As recommended on Rob Stegmann’s site, although indeed on magic, has much recreational mathematics; especially see sections on geometric aspects: ‘Curious Tricks in Geometry’ pp. A little hard to describe, the book consist of advanced concepts in geometry at a largely popular level, profusely illustrated. Much of the formulae are too complicated for me, but nonetheless the diagrams are largely accessible. Chapter 11 is described as ‘Kepler as Mathematician and Physicist’. 861-876 ‘Kepler’s Crystallographic Ideas and his Tract ‘The Six–Cornered Snowflake’ by I. Shafranovskii, which touches on circle packing, and is illustrated. Stukje Voor Stukje: Geschiedenis van de Legpuzzel in Nederland. With essays by Salvatore Iaquinta (‘The Reluctant Pop Culture Phenom’ (sic), ‘Escher Memories: How Italy Shaped the Future’ and ‘Compass Card’), Federico Guidiceandrea (‘Filling The Void’) and Willem F. Nothing particularly of a mathematical nature, although of course there is no reason to be so! Of the two, this is more directly related to my interest, with chapter 4 on tiling, pages 130-169, and other tiling instances scattered throughout the book.154 activities, of a recreational nature, pitched at a middle school level, with answers.

of general interest overall, with a tiling aspect of Chapter 9 (by Deborah Curry), Beyond Space-Time, pp. Mathematically light with two small chapter on mathematical games: Fireside Games for Winter Amusements pp 274-84, Puzzles and Curious Paradoxes 286-300. These contain loose geometric dissections, but nothing of particular note. Locher is correct) Strictly a pattern book, rather than mathematics. 1982 (16 February 1991 (used) and 18 February 2007 (intact) ————. Loosely stated it is of dimensions higher or lower than three. Of most interest here is Coxeter’s essay ‘Kepler and Mathematics’ pp. 1988 (In Dutch) Translated: Piece by Piece: A History of the Jigsaw Puzzle in the Netherlands (20 March 2016) Obtained in regards of interests in cluster puzzles, albeit with Bekkering telling me in a mail of 2014 that there is nothing there in this field. A personal wander around mathematical aspects of interest to the author, of an overwhelmingly popular level. Especially see Activities 39 Tessellations, page 28 and Activity 40, Tessellations and art, p.29. Unfortunately, Swans is overlaid with an incorrect grid.

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