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If you stand next to the sink in my kitchen you would have no idea the system was there except I have the extra faucet. I tested my city water is and it's at 100ppm and smells like Clorine.My clean water out of the RO faucet tests at 3ppm and has no smell.

We previously had an RO system (Not APEC) that started leaking on us about a year ago.

But even at that, it is a tremendous cost savings for good quality drinking water. Side note: Installing is a walk in the park and quick. I am a client of APEC and own a portable RO system.

I installed a 4-stage reverse osmosis system that I bought from a warehouse superstore. 2 days of research on RO's & companies led me to APEC. Recently one of your employees, Chris, has gone out of his way to help my wife and I.

Flushed the tank 3 times from the start and my unfiltered water reads 165, while the RO-45 water tested in at 005! We were very impressed with the minimalist shipping materials and the ability to recycle them. My family from out of town tried it and ordered one too. I bought the portable RO on account that I travel and am pretty active, and was tired of bottled water routine.

It took my husband about 90 mins to install the system without any trips to the hardware store (always a plus! We've been using it now for a month and are thrilled. So happy to have found a product that is American made and accompanied by clear instructions. Its nice having consistently good tasting impurity free water.

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