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A few pulp dealers now are available on the internet! Gunnison specializes in pulp related material and even received the coveted Lamont Award at Pulp Con one year. Thiessen has a huge inventory of books, pulps, and magazines all listed online. Another source of pulps and pulp dealers online is the various newsgroups.

The most notable are John Gunnison of Adventure House and J. These newsgroups are populated by die hard pulp fans who share their knowledge and information through postings. Published irregularly on a project by project basis. Vintage Library/Pulp Fiction Central - Classic pulp fiction reprints. New material usually released every two weeks at its web site.

Reading the newsgroups for a few days to understand their idiosyncrasies before posting a message is recommended. Paul Mc Call, 5801 West Henry Street, Indianapolis, IN 46241. Vintage New Media, Inc., 3655 West Anthem Way, Suite A109, PMB #102 Anthem, Arizona 85086 Besides the small press publishers above, a few larger mainstream publishers occasionally reprint pulp fiction in the form of anthologies.

A new collector sometimes posts a message requesting the location of pulp dealers. Pulp Adventures Publications - Classic pulp fiction reprints. Published irregularly on a project by project basis. Many of these anthologies are carried at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

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When visiting a city, a quick scan of the yellow pages and a few phone calls are definitely worth while.Many hours can be spent reading and admiring the striking covers of pulp magazines such as The Shadow, Dime Detective, and The Spider. The search is sometimes fruitless and the pitfalls are many.It is almost indescribable to express the joy that can be found when a collector purchases a copy of a character pulp, such as Secret Agent X, for the lead story and discovers afterwards that the issue contains a short story by a favorite author such as Emile C. This article has been written with the intent of guiding the new collector around some of the pitfalls and away from the blind alleys that are so frequent an occurrence. Gibson was a pulp magazine writer, who is best known as the creator of The Shadow, or at least the "pulp" version. Many of them have been adapted for various comic books and film adaptations.Gibson was also a magician, among other talents, and created the lesser-known character, "Norgil the Magician." Norgil was published in another Street & Smith pulp title, but made a comic book appearance in Shadow Comics #3.

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