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I was having a hard time not thinking of Lori as my little girl, despite the things that had happened last night.

I could only hope that once I got that man out of our lives she would somehow be able to return to being a normal teenage girl. I wanted desperately to leave Kevin sleeping there and sneak out.

My few hours of sleep had been disturbed by one horrible nightmare after another.

It was hard to feel rested after only three hours sleep and that punctuated by dreams of being tied up and whipped and raped over and over again. He was still asleep in my bed, still with his arms around my little girl.

If I want to shove my cock up your cunt and piss in your fucking cunt you stand there and smile and wait for me to finish. And I want you to feel free to share her with your clients and the men that work for you." Mr. " Kevin laughed quietly and replied, "Not a thing, Mr. Johnson looked at Kevin and I saw the excitement in his face as he asked, "No shit, fifteen? I gotta tell you, there ain't much hotter than a mother and daughter in a sixty-nine. " As soon as Kevin closed the door behind him my boss looked at the clock. This was the one place, more than any other that this type of behavior was not permitted.

If I want to give you a piss enema you turn around and spread your cheeks and let me shove my cock up your ass and fill you with piss. Johnson finally tore his eyes away from my exposed body and turned to Kevin. " Kevin just kept on grinning that evil grin and said, "No shit. Fuck, I'm getting hard again just thinking about it. Then he smiled at me and under his breath he said, "I'll be a son of a bitch." He stared at me for a moment longer and then said, "Go lock the front door, bitch. Now I stood naked and available before my fully dressed boss. Johnson got up and went around and put a "Conference in session — Do not disturb" sign on his door and closed it.

It pained me to see him lying there naked in my bed with my equally naked daughter in his arms but I dreaded waking him to find what new torments he had in mind for me today. I gently nudged him until he opened his eyes and looked up at me groggily. But it was only seconds before the evil grin returned to his face and he pulled his arms from around my daughter and sat up.

I prayed that he would not demand sex of me this morning. I wanted nothing more than to dress and hurry to my office and figure out what to tell the police so that I could get this evil man out of my life.

We kissed for several moments before I felt something warm and wet spraying up between us.

It was a moment or two before I realized what it was. The spray covered my stomach and when I started fighting to pull away it shot up between my breasts, almost to my chin!

By the time I heard the alarm in the morning it had been going off for nearly fifteen minutes.

I came awake slowly and hurried to shut it off before Kevin became annoyed.

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