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Larger trials are set to commence in the coming months to include sufferers in the USA, Europe, Africa and South America.

Figures suggest there are 2,000 sufferers of the condition in the UK, while estimates state there is nearly 10 times that amount in the US.

Liverpool's resolve to keep hold of Philippe Coutinho now looks set to lead to another transfer issue for Tottenham Hotspur, as Barcelona have already made initial moves through intermediaries to try and sign Christian Eriksen.

The Catalan club want to this summer buy an attacking midfielder - and eventual successor to Andres Iniesta - as well as a replacement for Neymar, and Coutinho had been a target for the former, only for Liverpool to release a statement on Friday morning that he would not be sold.

Around £4.3bn of that is borne directly by the NHS, but a far greater chunk is taken up by the care sector (£10.3bn) and the individuals themselves, or their families (£17.4bn).

Mr Gates said: “I believe we are at a turning point in Alzheimer’s research and development, which the Dementia Discovery Fund is playing an important role in by exploring new approaches to treat the disease.

“This is a frontier where we can dramatically improve human life.

Mr Gates said he was “joining the fight” at a turning point in the study of the disease, adding that a breakthrough was needed so people can enjoy the longer lives we are living.The The feeling among the Camp Nou coaching staff is that the Danish international's link-up play is very suited to Barcelona.The irony is that Spurs are likely to be even more difficult to deal with than Liverpool, especially since Eriksen signed a four-year contract extension in September 2016.It is thought the new investment could improve “millions of lives”.Its projects so far are unpicking the role of inflammation and immune cells in the brain, and the operation of mitochondria, which power cells, on dementia’s progression.

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