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“The hardcore troll is a sociopath who enjoys hurting people, who wants people to get upset, angry and depressed,” says Suler.

“It’s a deliberate act of manipulation and control in order to feel powerful.

Not many people want to go to or participate in a place where others are being mean or acting like idiots,” says Rider University psychologist John R. “How much trolling is a problem for a business depends on how it runs its social media site.

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But it’s not just the stereotypical malcontent who is spewing digital invective.

“These are guys who publish false attacks on products and sellers, or false praise for products and sellers, for a fee,” Clemons notes.

“China now gives them jail terms if they are caught.

It will also depend on the reputation of the company and the nature of the products or services they offer.

Some companies, products and services draw more fire from trolls than others.” And then there is the question of how much a company actually wants to discourage trolls, says Wharton professor of legal studies and business ethics Kevin Werbach.

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