Tupperware party dating games

Aunt Barbara plucks a piece of toilet paper hanging from the back of her dress. Many of the women have already seen her at previous fire department fund-raisers and convinced their friends to come.

“You were so good in ‘The Partridge Family show,’” Aunt Barbara says to an old woman in the front row with Shirley Jones-like short red hair.

Um, I believe she does this as her full-time job.” “In North America!

” squawks Aunt Barbara, pushing open the door to the main room. “I’m not coming out if I can’t get a proper introduction!

She calls the youngest lady in the crowd “Kim Kardashian,” repeatedly telling her to Google old-timey references like the soft drink Shasta and Jean Nate, an “after bath splash” introduced in the 1930s.

She refers to the audience as a group of “attractive, alcoholic wives.” Women, no matter who they are, seem to love Aunt Barbara — even the more conservative, Trump-supporting women among the crowd tonight. “Too real,” summarizes Suchan.n 1946 inventor Earl Tupper began selling his plastic containers with airtight seals in stores, but they weren’t popular until consultants began to sell them at house parties featuring games, hors d’oeuvres and booze in the 1950s.

,” her voice shrill and Elmo-like as she moves in front of the Tupperware-filled table.Lisa Williams, the event’s organizer, stands at the front of the room and says: “Aunt Barbara is going to be coming out in a minute or two.She is the highest-grossing Tupperware consultant in the Northeast.She greets them by the names of their retro pop-culture lookalikes — “How’s it going, Mary Tyler Moore? ” She jokes that Tupperware’s vegetable chopper could mince anything, including “margarita ice” or “crystal meth on the go.” “No, I wouldn’t say — ” “I mean, you can say, ‘Holy crap! Inside a gray four-story building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the paid members, staff, and faculty of NSFW – part private sex club for millenials, part digital brand marketing agency – have gathered to drink, smoke and screw in between workshops about sex, cannabis and wellness.’” interrupts Suchan, holding the handle of her Tupperware-branded carry-on luggage. In the basement, next to a king-size bed with a mirrored headboard, mistresses are dominating their submissive male partners, teasingly stroking their penises, squeezing their testicles and pinching their nipples.

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