Types of girls to avoid dating

Women who are out only to find a man to provide for them financially are not what you want.

It's safer to date someone who holds herself and her relationships to a higher standard. Compulsive weepers are an absolute headache and will eventually drive you to the brink of insanity. 'Mysterious' women Lastly, don't date women who shroud themselves in a veil of mystery.

They can come from all walks of life, but it doesn't take too long in conversation to spot one.

If a girl talks down to you or preaches at you, chances are she lives on her own little self created cloud (likely born from her own insecurities) and no matter how hot she is, you do not want to date her.

Courts are rarely friendly towards men in these types of situations.

Women cheating on their men Unless you enjoy being cheated on, don't date a cheater.

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