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A devout Catholic, I can’t imagine that my grandmother would be very pleased to learn that her name was part of such a religious genealogy collection – part of a collection of names that the LDS church very likely hopes to posthumously baptize in its massive effort to help the world achieve what it surely believes to be passage into the Kingdom of God.What really goes on under that mountain lair, the world may never know.The incident happened due to a 'faulty' Central Line train and emergency services were called to the scene.

Witnesses described people running in fear after hearing the 'bang' around 9am at the central London tube station.It comes just four days after two people were taken to hospital following a fire on a train at Oxford Circus. A spokesman for the London Fire Brigade told Mail Online that the incident was caused due to 'an overheated compressor underneath a carriage on the train'.Al Gwatkin, 43, from Chelsea, was getting off the Piccadilly line to transfer on to the Central line at Holborn when the incident happened.'All of a sudden everyone came running out saying 'they've evacuated the station'.'You don't know if it's terrorist-related. Two fire engines, a police van and an emergency response unit were parked outside the station.By the 1950s, the church had already built up a library of 100,000 rolls of microfilm – archiving family records of decades of Americans. The Church needed a large and secure location for its growing archive, and so decided to start blasting a cavern into the side of Little Cottonwood Canyon – burrowing nearly 700 feet into the massive granite cliffs.Eventually, the blasting crew hit a rock that couldn’t be blasted as easily anymore – plus they struck water.

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