Updating cellphones

For example, Apple recently enabled the i Phone to download i Tunes songs over the cell network, so customers can now get their music fix anytime, not just when they're in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

And this spring, RIM will open its own download site exclusively for Black Berry users, which will certainly require a system update.

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LG phones users in the United States, please Click here to check the latest Firmware update available for LG Cell Phones!

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Contact lists and other features will be able to fit in more information.

That's a contrast to Android, where text and images simply get bigger with larger screens, without actually fitting in more content.

Make sure you're in a good reception area to ensure the file downloads are fast and error-free. Once a month, visit your carrier's Web site and look up your phone—even if you aren't experiencing problems.

You may also discover new features or learn how to use the ones you know more effectively.

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