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Basic knowledge in Medical-Surgical nursing is a body of knowledge that the nurse uses in order to provide safe nursing care to patients.

Since safe practice is regarded as a moral and professional responsibility, basic knowledge is information that is necessary for entry into Medical-Surgical nursing and represents the foundation for job performance.

An additional 7 items were written by the author and added to the test.

was supported through suggestions from the 10 member Panel of Experts in Medical-Surgical nursing practice and education. During reliability testing, additional construct validation was conducted, using the MED-SURG BKAT as a pretest and a posttest for18 new graduate nurses in two different internship/residency programs from Delaware (n=15) and Tennessee (n=3).

In addition, 121 potential new items were suggested by the Panel of Experts; the most appropriate of these, 28 (23.1%) were used.

Many suggested items were similar among the Panelists.

Of these, 22 (41.5%) were modified to better reflect Medical-Surgical nursing.

Modifications included changes in stems, answers, and/or distractors.

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Permission to use the MED-SURG BKAT and to photocopy it can be obtained by writing to: The initial version of the BKAT (BKAT-1) was developed for use in the adult intensive care unit and was co-authored by Jean C Toth, RN, MSN, CNS, Ph D, BCCC, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, and Kathleen Ritchey, RN, MSN, CNS, formerly of the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Washington, DC.For example, to date, over 10,300 critical care nurse educators and nurse managers in the USA have requested and have received a copy of the BKAT to photocopy for use in their practice.Critical care nurses in over 23 different foreign countries have also requested and received a copy of one of the BKATs.All subsequent BKATs and their versions were authored by Dr Toth.I often have multiple terminals open and screen running in each one.

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