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The Garmin GPS was one of the World’s first personal navigation devices for consumers to use in their vehicles, and the first of the product lines was the Street Pilot series which was succeeded by the Nuvi range and since then all their in-car GPS products have been preceded with the Nuvi name.

This is a short overview on the different types of Garmin Nuvi updates that are currently available including free mapping options and other software downloads to enhance the product.

The cloning procedure described in this FAQ will work for most Garmin devices.

It is especially useful for those models that the Garmin programs do not support map installation to SD, namely the nuvi 3xx, 5x0, 6xx, 8x0, 8x series (and perhaps others).

Depending on your Garmin device, these files may include such things as the timezone map (gmaptz.img), voice recognition files or Traffic Trends database.

Move these additional files back to the device's internal storage, replacing the original files and preserving the folder structure as downloaded to the card.

To use this procedure on these devices, you must first set your computer to expose the hidden \.system folder. Please call us 1-866-334-8865, if you need help with Map Update on any GPS Device.Our GPS expert will help you with step by step guide in order to how to update the GPS Devices.You can then rename the files from gmapprom to any name of your choosing, but keep the .img, and extensions.If your device has junction views, you will find a JCV folder within the \.system folder on the SD card.

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