Updating the database pending setup validating mx record how long

Note: The script file names are the starting structure version, not ending.

For Example: s9.8.4runs when the structure version is 9.8.4, and after it runs, the database will be at structure version 11.0.03.

updating the database-78updating the database-27

If the Server name includes either "\ESHA", or is literally "(localdb)\v11.0", then it is an ESHA instance of SQL Server.

The easiest way to update the Wizard is to use the Automatic Update.

If you have problems, you can update the application using the Manual Update instructions.

If the Server name does not include "\ESHA" or "(localdb)\v11.0", you are using a full installation of SQL Server (non-ESHA instance).

For updating the database under full SQL Server, refer to the article regarding use of SQL Server Management Studio.

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