Updating turbotax 2016 to 2016

Intuit says it's aware of the complaints, it's "sorry for the anger and frustration we have caused many longtime customers," and pledges to resolve the complaints "to their satisfaction" if they'll just call. The uproar over Turbo Tax started almost immediately after New Year's Day, and has been spread by personal finance experts and by word of mouth ever since.

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And while it's dithered, its stock has withered: Intuit shares have lost 7.25% this year through Friday, much worse than the 3% decline suffered by the S&P 500 index. Users of the Turbo Tax deluxe edition, which sells for a list price of .99 but can be found almost everywhere for .99, have discovered that for the first time, the program won't allow them to file tax schedules C, D, E or F automatically with their tax returns.Nobody buys more than one program per year so they might compare, say, Turbo Tax to H&R Block--who wants to do their taxes twice?Most people will stick with the same program year after year as long as they're reasonably satisfied with it and don't have a reason to change; since learning the ins and outs of a whole new program is the very definition of a pain in the rear.Hints of this change are present on the Deluxe program's packaging, but in a very obscure way.Many users discover the problem only when they get to the point in doing their taxes where they have to start plugging information into those schedules.

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