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However if I then try a Share Point setting like “appcmd list config acme /section: Share Point/Blob Cache”, appcmd returns the following message: ERROR ( message: Unknown config section "Share Point/Blob Cache". Therefore you need to do this either via Share Point (SPWeb Config Modifications, but with the issues mentioned by Brian) or directly on the XML file.In the latter case, you would have to do this change on each of the servers that is running the Web Application role in order to keep the web.config files in [email protected] Lacher448 in regards to concerns about Share Point pushing a config that the DSC is not aware of and us getting stuck in a "loop" yes this could happen in theory, but I don't think it's something that would happen as a common scenario.I can't think of something where Share Point would be pushing a configuration to the web.configs that you would override with DSC on a regular basis - maybe if you have some devs that aren't talking to the IT pros about how the config should be done, but I can't think of any specific things that would be different.For settings that go to the "App Settings" part of the config file, you can use x Web Config Key Value from x Web Administration to do this.For more complex modifications, we have thrown some ideas around about how to tackle this and whether or not they should be in x Share Point or x Web Administration.

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So you cannot change all settings in the web.config via IIS.

For example, with the blob cache, the resource would need to only test that the changes required for blob cache are present, and not fail if another part of the web.config has been modified since the last update.

Currently IIS users get a web.config in the root of Drupal that tries to make Drupal behave well on IIS, but the files directory doesn't get the same treatment.

Is there a specific type of modification you want to make?

The problem with SPWeb Config Modification is that you will find that it won't enforce a desired state as well as DSC would when someone makes manual changes to a web.config file after the SPWeb Config Modification class applies its changes.

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