User control not updating

I'm very new to - obviously :-) Cheers, Jon Hi, Jon, If you have a reference to the usercontrol and you can access this reference in the method that updates the cart then use this reference to call some method that will update the usercontrol.Something like (the class of the page that updates the cart): //the reference: protected Cart Display User Control control1; //the event handler for the "Update" button protected void Handle Update Click(object s, Event Args e) Greetings Martin "Jon" Hi, using 2003/sql server 2000 Working on a shopping cart app.

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Thanks, Roger Every time the page gets loaded regardless of whether the page refresh happens through button click or normal Page refresh, the Page_Load event gets fired before any other event thus the value of the text box remains "John" all the time, to stop this behaviour you'll have to check whether the page refresh happens thru a post back or normal refresh while assigning value to the controls.

You can also put an control to display details for a selected employee.

In a simple scenario, you can put user controls inside an update panel and they will be refreshed when the contents of the update panel are updated.

The following example has a button with two images.

Both image's visibility is bound to Booleans on the VM.

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