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The features include a stateful packet inspection firewall, application-level proxies for various protocols (HTTP, POP3, SMTP, SIP) with antivirus support, virus and spamfiltering for email traffic (POP and SMTP), content filtering of Web traffic and a “ - Firewall (stateful inspection) - Outgoing Firewall - IPSec Gateway to gateway VPN - IPSec Remote client to gateway VPN (roadwarrior) - NAT - Multi-IP address support (aliases) - Dynamic DNS - DMZ support - HTTPS Web Interface - Detailed network traffic graphs - View currently active connections - Event log management - Log redirection to external server - Server DHCP - Server NTP - Traffic Shaping / Qo S - Transparent POP3 antivirus/antispam proxy - Transparent HTTP proxy - Web Proxy with local users, windows domain, samba, LDAP, radius server management - Intrusion Detection System - ADSL modem support - Configuration backup and restore - Remote update - SIP Vo IP Proxy *NEW!* To access the Endian Firewall GUI is as simple as starting your browser and entering the IP address (of the green EFW interface) or hostname of your Endian Firewall along with a port director of either 10443 (https/secure) or 80 (redirected to 10443).The information contained within this document may change from one version to the next.All programs and details contained within this document have been created to the best of our knowledge and tested carefully. Therefore Endian does not express or imply any guarantees for errors within this document or consequent damage arising from the availability, performance or use of this or related material.In the following box you will see information about the system status.The first part gives short global information about the connection status, while the second part gives more precise information about each uplink.After the connection status you can see short information about the systems health.In the following table you will see the actual connection status of each uplink respectively. Normaly you will see only one uplink which then is called "main", since it is the primary uplink.

Once you have pressed the respective connect or disconnect button you will need to wait until the connection has been connected/disconnected sucessfully.

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A copy of the license is included in the section entitled Appendix A, GNU Free Documentation License.™ is published under the GNU General Public License.

Below, we have listed the Main Configuration/Administration Options available through the GUI.

When you have acquainted yourself sufficiently with the system, please continue with the next section.

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