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LHDs missions, while operating with an aircraft carrier battle group.The ship's extensive medical facilities consist of six medical operating rooms, four dental operating rooms, medical laboratories and hospital facilities capable of caring for 600 patients.An interdisciplinary team of scientists, including meteorologists from the Navy Research Laboratory's (NRL) Marine Meteorology Division, received the American Meteorological Society's (AMS) unique "Special Award," Jan. A DC2 dies June 27, 2005 from complications following inhaling hydrogen sulfide (H2S) while conducting system maintenance on June 7.

Smith had to fly through heavy rain and storms to reach MCKEE, and hoisted the Sailor from the deck in a flawless evolution.

The Sailor safely arrived on ESSEX and was immediately evaluated by a team of doctors equipped with the most extensive medical facilities on any Navy warship.

Doctors determined the sailors condition was serious but not life threatening, and suggested he be stabilized overnight and transferred in the morning. Chuck Cooga of Columbus, Ohio, said "We have the fuel and capabilities for these missions, and were always ready to get the job done and apply the best assets for a long range flight." During the flight, 15th MEU Air Combat Element Flight Surgeon Lt.

Embarked assets of 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Amphibious Squadron FIVE (CPR5) teamed up with the skilled professionals of ESSEX to plan the vital lifesaving mission.

MCKEE and ESSEX steamed at their best speed toward each other while the joint team developed an air-lift plan to get the Sailor safely back to shore based medical facilities.

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