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Back to Top A separate CSOS Signing Certificate is required for each DEA Registrant number.In cases where a person represents multiple Registrants or DEA Registrant numbers, then multiple Certificates will be issued.Back to Top A CSOS Applicant is an individual who has submitted a request to obtain, but does not yet hold, a CSOS Certificate.Back to Top A CSOS Subscriber is an individual who has either obtained approval or has already acquired a CSOS Certificate.CSOS Certificates are issued to individuals and are required for electronic ordering of Schedule I and II controlled substances.

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Back to Top If you have any questions or wish to report a problem, please contact DEA Diversion E-Commerce Support.While the paper DEA Form-222 ordering process is still allowed, CSOS is the only method for ordering Schedule I and II controlled substances electronically.The benefits of CSOS for end users include: Back to Top There is no charge by DEA for CSOS Certificates or for participating in any aspect of the CSOS program.E-Commerce Support is available to assist your organization with its CSOS Enrollment.Back to Top The DEA Registrant, authorized CSOS Coordinator(s), and Power of Attorneys granted ordering authority by the DEA Registrant may apply for CSOS Certificates.

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