Validating web site slow

Table columns should have description information available (except for audit columns like created date, created by etc.) 7. test, UAT, sandbox, live (though this is not a standard it is helpful for database maintenance) 12. Test stored procedures and triggers with sample input data. Input field leading and trailing spaces should be truncated before committing data to the database. Null values should not be allowed for the Primary key column.

Check if data is committed to the database only when the operation is successfully completed. Data should be rolled back in case of failed transactions. Database name should be given as per the application type i.e.

The user should be able to select only one radio option and any combination for checkboxes.1. Check window minimize, maximize, and close functionality.

Check if there is any field on the page with default focus (in general, the focus should be set on first input field of the screen). Check if child windows are getting closed on closing parent/opener window. If child window is opened, user should not be able to use or update any field in the background or parent window 6. Check if correct data is getting saved in the database upon successful page submit. Check values for columns which are not accepting null values.

#5) The testing checklist can be referred by developers to ensure if the most common issues are fixed in the development phase itself.– Execute these scenarios with different user roles e.g. – For web applications, these scenarios should be tested on multiple browsers like IE, FF, Chrome, and Safari with versions approved by the client. Input fields should be checked for the max field value.

Check if images of specified height and width (if defined) are accepted otherwise rejected. The image upload progress bar should appear for large size images. Check if cancel button functionality is working in between upload process. Check if file selection dialog shows only supported files listed.

Use the power of regular expressions to cleanse your data right there inside the Data Flow.

This transformation includes a full user interface for simple configuration, as well as advanced features such as error output configuration.

Default radio options should be pre-selected on the page load. Field-specific and page level help messages should be available. Check if the correct fields are highlighted in case of errors. Check if the drop-down list options are readable and not truncated due to field size limit. All buttons on a page should be accessible by keyboard shortcuts and the user should be able to perform all operations using a keyboard.

% symbol should be displayed for percentage calculation. Check result grid data to know if the date range is enabled.

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