Validating xml editor intimidating thesaurus

XML Edita is not only an XML editor, it also allows you to visually compose XML schemas.On top of that, it is also the perfect tool to validate and transform your XML documents.The XSD and XSLT technologies have additional capabilities that can affect processing performance.For example, it is possible to construct an XML schema that requires a substantial amount of time to process when evaluated over a relatively small document.

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See the appropriate reference topics for examples of setting these properties.

All of these functionalities are wrapped up into one, easy to use, application.

XML Edita’s objective is simple : being your one-stop shop for creating, modifying, validating, formating, organizing and save your XML documents and schemas.

You can also design your app so that the XML processing is memory and time constrained.

For example, you can configure timeout limits in your ASP. Because XML documents can include references to other files, it is difficult to determine how much processing power is required to parse an XML document. If the DTD contains nested entities or complex content models, it could take an excessive amount of time to parse the document.

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