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Meanwhile, Stefan is shown in the hospital searching through rooms till he comes across a ruthless killer who is admitted there.

He compels the guard outside to take a break, feeds the convict his blood then kills him.

Jeremy surprises Matt by picking 2 heavy kegs together and says that ever since he has been awakened as a hunter he feels stronger.

Matt warns him that all this energy will want him to kill vampires and he lives with one.

Klaus steps in and takes Caroline away for a drink. Jeremy arms himself with stakes and goes to look for Elena. Meanwhile, Elena follows Jeremy in to a room where they fight and he attacks her with a stake in the neck.

Caroline is wondering what is wrong with Elena and Klaus says she'll figure it out. He meets April on the way & tells her that her father & the council were doing good for the town and that they died heroes. Shane to ask for another hunter's name again & threatens to kill him. tells him that even if they get the map & the cure, the cure has to be opened by a spell by a Bennett witch and Damon needs him alive to get Bonnie's powers back. She is rescued by Stefan & Matt who takes Jeremy away. They see Caroline & Klaus share another sweet moment.

Caroline is angry with Elena for listening to Damon and they have a fight. Shane & Hayley sharing a drink and asks Tyler to find out what is going on.At the annual Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, Elena and Caroline give April advice on which dress to wear while Tyler and Hayley work together on a secret project and Damon confronts Professor Shane with his suspicions.Alarmed by the vivid nightmares he’s having, Jeremy turns to Matt for help, but the situation escalates sooner than anyone expected.Caroline is running things at the event when Klaus arrives and asks her what time to pick her up for the event.She is reluctant till he reminds her that she promised him a date in return of his hybrid. Hayley is trying to get another one of Klaus's hybrids, Kim, to turn and break the sire bond when Tyler comes to tell her that Caroline has bought them one more day by keeping Klaus busy at the event.

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