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What it really is in the end is the process, and what you learn about yourself and about life. No matter how bad things get, no matter how discouraged I feel, no matter how much of a failure I feel like — and that applies to motherhood, friendship, everything — I try to believe there’s a reason, there’s a process, and there’s a learning experience.

Maybe the journey is where I gained wisdom, where I gained confidence, a sense of reality, a sense of creativity. There’s an old skater’s saying: Don’t be afraid of falling.

Arguably the most prominent designer of bridal wear in America, Wang has been honored with a number of awards for her achievements, including the 1993 Chinese American Planning Council's Honoree of the Year Award and the 1994 Girl Scout Council's Woman of Distinction Award.

With all of her talent and success, Wang has become a high-profile figure in the fashion world.

This week, the Cut is talking advice — the good, the bad, the weird, and the pieces of it you really wish you would have taken. Serena Williams can come out, she can have a 104 fever, and she can still turn it all around.

Here, designer Vera Wang on the journey from Olympic-hopeful ice skater to Vogue editor to head of her own line. That is the difference between a great champion, and everyone else who aspires to be one.

That’s what separates champions from everyone else who is doing it.

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