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He shot and killed 69-year-old Robert Snyder, 44-year-old Brenda Montañez-Crespo, 53-year-old Kevin Clark, 57-year-old Jeffrey Roberts and 46-year-old Kevin Lawson.Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said Neumann was fired back in April, and had a strained relationship with at least one of his former colleagues.It comes after two terror attacks in Barcelona and nearby Cambrills killed 14 people and injured 130.The van attack on Las Ramblas led to security staff at El Prat calling off a strike, which was prompted by bosses refusing an eight per cent pay increase.There wasn't any security cameras running inside the business, but there was one outside by the rear entrance where Neumann is believed to have shot the first victim, Demings said.Demings had a minor criminal history including arrests for marijuana possession, DUI and misdemeanor battery. Adams described the company as a small business with only around 10 employees.

He's 70 now and retired near New Bern, North Carolina, after a career as a Providence cop and lawyer and then U. Neumann had a slew of arrests for minor crimes including drug possession and DUI.He is seen in an array of mugshots from 1995 to his most recent in 2010.Less than 20 years ago there was not a house where now stands this wealthy mine and farm-girdled city, whose population is nearly equal to the united populations of Oxford and Cambridge, and exceeding by several thousands the united populations of the cities of Winchester, Canterbury, Salisbury, and Lichfield at the time of the gold discovery.This is one of the truths which are magnificently stranger than fiction.

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