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The department had issued a warrant for his arrest eight days before Ellis was mortally wounded Nov. In related cases, Rita Creech, 44, and Carl Banks, 36, are both charged with attempted first-degree robbery, Class C felonies, that can be punished by five to 10 years in prison. Creech was in the car with Banks and Sizemore and present when Ellis was shot in the head as he searched for Sizemore in Ratliff’s apartment about three hours later.

Banks, Creech and Ratliff all reside in the same building in the 500 block of Ballard Drive.

He’d spent “half his life in prison,” Ratliff said Sizemore told him, and he had no intention of going back.

The attempted murder charges are based on his shooting at Assistant Chief Bob Mott Officer and Officer Devin Thomas who came to Ellis’ aid.

Sizemore also is charged with first-degree unlawful imprisonment, attempted first-degree robbery, two counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun and two counts of being a first-degree persistent felony offender.

The persistent felony charges elevate Sizemore’s attempted murder charges to Class A felonies, which can be punished by 20 years to life in prison.

Gregory Ratliff, 25, is charged with complicity to capital murder and two counts of attempted capital murder in the case.

Murder or complicity to the murder of a police officer engaged in the lawful performance of his or her duty is an aggravating circumstance under Kentucky law that allows the state to pursue capital punishment.

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