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That changed when Mc Gee said to police, “let me tell you something — that guy you have in custody, it's the shotgun killer.”To convince them, Mc Gee told police a detail about the tailors' killings that had not been made public — that one brother was killed upstairs and the second brother downstairs.“It was a no-s*** moment,” Staples said.

“Maybe we have something here.” George Robert Brown, second from left, confessed to the 1956 slaying of an East Gary beautician.

A 16-year-old girl arrived at her family's home in St. She parked in the garage and got out of her car to see a man with a shotgun standing behind her.

He ordered her to be quiet, she screamed, and a shotgun shell blasted through the back of the garage, narrowly missing the girl.

Lawrence Mills, a 43-year-old insurance salesman from Hammond, was found dead in his car, still dressed in the three-piece champagne-colored business suit he had worn that day to work.

A half-mile north from the Legion hall, a woman dropped off a package at a home in Griffith when she heard the crunch of dry leaves. The shot missed, she screamed and the shooter fled.

“After the first night, we connected them pretty quickly.

They were so vicious.”Local businesses and cities offered rewards for information. Police thought they knew two things about the shotgun killer, based on witness statements: He was a slender, white man with middle-length hair, and he drove a small, boxy white car.

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He said he found religion while in prison in the 1980s after he befriended an Episcopalian priest. He had two pistols and 0, which he'd taken 15 minutes earlier from an armed robbery at Bee Discount in Calumet City.He then leaned into Jillson's car and fired, missing the woman by inches.She slumped in her seat, and he put the gun to the back of her head. Jillson threw the car in reverse and screeched off to a nearby liquor store, where she called police. 15, 1990, behind the front desk of a Howard Johnson in Portage.A coroner determined the woman was buried alive, based on sand found in her lungs, though Brown told police the girl wasn't breathing when he buried her.He said in the confession he pulled the girl into his pickup truck and strangled her when she resisted rape. He had been previously committed to Beatty Hospital in Westville (now Westville Correctional Facility) as a “sexual psychopath” for two attempted rapes, the first committed when he was only 16. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the killing of Grigonis, and a trial date was scheduled for Nov. The day of the trial, Brown managed to escape from Lake County Jail with six other inmates.

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